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Soccer Assist Academy Reflects on Successful Years

Soccer Assist is proud to look back and reflect on an overwhelmingly successful three years since our official opening in 2018. We look forward to the continued success of our current students and the exciting new opportunities we look to pursue within the next few years.  Soccer Assist Director Junior Osei-Tutu made a comment in regards to the accomplishments so far “We are really proud of how far we have come since starting the academy. We have loved working with a wide variety of individuals from not only across the Milton Keynes area but from surrounding areas. We are ecstatic at their accolades and are looking forward to guiding more and more individuals in the future. We look forward to our continued success and our expansion within our development sessions and enrolling women into the academy in the upcoming academic years.”

Our Academy

The Soccer Assist Academy prides itself in providing a further education pathway partnered with an elite level football program for Male Individuals aged 16 through 19. Since being established in 2018, we have seen great success not only in the classroom but on the field too. We are an elite football academy experience replicating a modern day professional club for student-athletes. Our mission is to create an elite environment that attracts, retains and develops top quality players. We provide an ongoing supply of academy graduates to UK universities, Scholarships in the US and into academy and non-league football. We ensure that those individuals who fall short of this standard leave with the necessary skills, qualities and higher education to enable them to achieve success either through higher education or in a vocational course.

Some Stats

For our upcoming academic year we currently have 18 second year students and 52 first year students due to be enrolled, with students having attended the academy from every secondary school in Milton Keynes. We have seen a number of success stories coming out of our academy, the graduation class of 2021 alone boasts some pretty impressive statistics. Our students have carved a pathway for themselves and through the help of staff at Soccer Assist to create better opportunities for those  that are often overlooked by secondary schools or 6th form/colleges. We have 5 who have gained places to attend UK Universities;  6 awarded soccer scholarships In America; 5 are going to enter our additional third year programme doing a coaching apprenticeship and then we have 8 others who are entering the world of work. From previous recruiting classes we have also seen pro team signings and academy offerings and so we can’t wait to see what future graduating classes are capable of doing with the support of the Soccer Assist Academy. 

Day to day Academy Life

With our header company specializing in providing access to scholarships in American Universities, the academy is a great way to prepare for a potential experience over the pond. We replicate the American collegiate system by identifying the individual as a Student-athlete. Prioritising the student before the athlete we aim to guide the individuals in their academic and athletic career. The day is split 50% educational portion and then 50% football training and matches. With the opportunity to travel for fixtures against local academies and clubs, these games are a great way to demonstrate the progress and development the athlete has made during their time at our academy. 

What’s next?

For the past three years we have been providing a service to boys and young men aged 16-19 to enrol into our academy. We see and understand the need to be one an advocate in women’s grassroots and development sports and now have looks to expand the academy, including opening up the service for women for the 2022 academic school year. We also see and understand the need for more grassroots football opportunities and are proud to announce our development sessions that will begin in September of 2021. These are for footballers aged 11-15 and will be run on a weekly basis with the hopes of developing the individuals to pursue and enjoy football. 

We would like to thank the continued support from our sponsors, our coaching staff and the students and parents without whom the academy would not thrive. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Soccer Assist Academy and we are excited to help the next generation of footballers. 

To find out more about our academy and apply please use the link below

Soccer Assist Academy: Elite Football Academy Experience

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